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How do I proceed after the interview?

You’ve made it … the job interview has gone well for the most part. Now the time of uncertain waiting begins. What should you think about and do during this time?

Immediately after the interview

On the day of the interview, you should take time to reflect on how it went. Make important notes: How did the interview go overall? Was I well prepared and able to answer all the questions? Did I ask all the questions or did they only occur to me after the interview? What can I do better next time? Is the company really the employer I want to start with? Even if it doesn’t work out, this will help you improve for your next interview.

The next day

Write a short e-mail and thank your interviewer for the interview. Find out if there are any open questions or ask any questions that may have arisen later. Under no circumstances should you ask now what your chances are. That would just seem pushy.

One to two weeks after the interview

If no period of time was mentioned in which a decision will be made, you can politely ask after about a week what the state of affairs is. If, on the other hand, you were told that the company would contact you within the next two weeks, you should wait for this period. If you do not hear anything within this period, you are welcome to take the initiative yourself and call the person you were talking to at the time.

Taking matters into your own hands is seen by most recruiters as a consistently positive move. Of course, the follow-up conversation must be friendly, professional and unobtrusive. If the interviewer tells you that it will take a few more days, for example, don’t insist. Thank them in a friendly manner for this information and say goodbye.

You will receive a rejection. Doomsday, drama?

Who likes to be rejected? Nobody! During a job search, it can be like a marketplace. As a buyer, you first look at what’s on offer and then choose the strawberries that look the best and freshest. The fact that perhaps other strawberries taste much sweeter or are less mushy escapes the buyer in some cases. It is the same in the job market. A recruiter chooses the supposed best candidate for the job without meaning it personally. He does not say that you are unsuitable, but only that at that moment someone else made a better impression. Don’t get angry, don’t take it personally, and look forward.

And with embeddeers?

After your 1st interview, your interviewers will sit down, discuss and decide on the basis of this and your application documents whether you will be taken to the next round of applicants. Due to the large number of applications, we receive, we cannot invite everyone to a second interview. Instead, we try to decide as objectively as possible who fits best into our team – both professionally and personally. As a rule, you will receive an answer after one week as to whether we will invite you to a further interview. If you have not heard from us by then, you are welcome to contact us to find out why. Your 2nd interview will then take place within 2 weeks. If there is a clear recommendation from your interview partners, a decision will be made within a week, together with the management, to make you an offer.

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