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My strengths and weaknesses – better authentic than perfect

Nobody is perfect! Every HR manager knows that. In the end, it is only important that you come across as authentic and honest and that your strengths and weaknesses profile largely fits the company.

If you present yourself too perfectly, you may lack the ability of proper self-awareness and reflection. This is not a good sign, because teamwork and a relaxed working atmosphere are important to the employer. If you are too sure of yourself, you may be perceived as arrogant. On the other hand, you should not hide your abilities under a bushel and clearly state what you can actually do.

Finding the right balance – as with most things in life – is always best. Be self-confident, but at the same time self-critical. When you talk about your weaknesses, also talk about how you deal with them and what you do to overcome them.

No empty phrases

Many applicants try to sell weaknesses as strengths by saying things like: “I work too much” or “I’m a bit of a perfectionist”. You should avoid such phrases at all costs. On the one hand, every recruiter has heard it a hundred times, and on the other hand, it seems rehearsed. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, be honest.

Honesty is the best policy

If your boss knows from the start what he has in you and where your real strengths and weaknesses lie, the cooperation will be much more fruitful. You will not be put in situations you cannot solve and your boss will be able to use you and your strengths properly.

The presentation of your strengths and weaknesses should be well prepared

If you are not prepared for the question, you might start thinking only during the interview, make inappropriate jokes or not be able to present yourself the way you actually want to.

Therefore, prepare yourself as well as possible for the interview. This includes working out your own strengths and weaknesses profile. For this purpose, you should take a few days to compile all the points. Make sure you underpin your strengths with concrete examples and show that you know your weaknesses, but are working on them.

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