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The (digital) application

Digitalization does not stop at the application process. In addition, the trend is moving toward a paperless office. The countless advantages of a digital solution are offset by only a few disadvantages – this applies to both sides, employer and employee.

The three different variants of digital application folders

Due to the new possibilities on the web, three different versions of a digital application portfolio have emerged. The most established form is probably the application by e-mail, where you attach your documents to your e-mail in the form of PDF documents. Alternatively, many companies work with predefined forms in which you have to enter all your information. But here, too, you upload your certificates or your resume as a PDF attachment.

Another option is to create your own website. Here you can give a very detailed account of your career, present successful projects and include multimedia elements (e.g., an introductory video). Especially in the case of creative professions, this allows you to integrate the entire portfolio of your works, drawings, or pieces of work. If you apply to a company with an application form, you then only need to provide the link to your website. But keep in mind that a recruiter may not want to follow a link that is unknown to him for IT security reasons.

Some of the big online job boards or professional networks like Linkedin offer the possibility to enter your CV etc. and to upload certificates and references. This has the advantage that you can also be actively found by companies or share the link to your profile in an email.

Completeness is still important

Only a complete application portfolio is a good application portfolio – this applies to both analog and digital. This means that the following must always be included: (the cover letter), the curriculum vitae, the most recent certificates, references and diplomas or certificates of further education. In the freestyle part – but only for your own website – you can also add work samples, further certificates, a video and other documents. Too many attachments have no place in an e-mail.

The danger of hasty sending

A particular danger, especially with applications via a form, is the hasty sending. The problem is that you cannot undo such a process. Diligence is the top priority here. You should never press the “send” button without having checked everything again i.e., especially the spelling and completeness of all documents.

A wrong application sent too early or incomplete documents can cost you your job in the end. 15 extra minutes of careful proofreading is worth it, isn’t it?

Our extra tip: Write everything down in a word processing program and then copy/paste it into the relevant fields. This way, the built-in spelling help will alert you to errors in time and you’ll get a better overview of your answers.

And with embeddeers?

In our career portal, applying is easy. Find your suitable job profile, fill in all given fields and upload your documents as a ZIP file or PDF document. Not all fields are mandatory, but you make it much easier for us to evaluate your application.

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